Featured Products: Uluro

Uluro provides a complete front-to-finish suite of print and mail production solutions that are integrated into a single, fully automated production system. Uluro’s patented OnceAmation technology enables even complex, customized transactional and direct mail applications to be set up once, then initiated and deployed repeatedly without the need for manual intervention. It lets service providers streamline their workflow while reducing the costs of complex print and mail processes. A SQL database that’s linked to the USPS, lets Uluro quickly co-mingle mail from multiple jobs to achieve optimal postal discounts and simplifies and streamlines cost-saving functions such as householding.

Uluro also connects to NCOA and supports IMB and Mail.dat for complete mail support. Uluro’s modules support file submission, composition, proofing, address cleansing, piece-level pre-sorting, and management and tracking. True multi-channel delivery allows recipients to choose how they prefer to receive their correspondence, helping deliver highly personalized communications across physical and electronic media. Recipients of Uluro-processed communications can even choose to pay their bills through secure, branded web sites, expanding the level of services available through a print and mail service provider.

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