Transformations Company History & Core Values

Transformations was founded in 1988 as a software solutions company, rooted primarily in the manufacturing and distribution markets, to develop and provide technology solutions focused on automating business processes, increasing productivity and improving quality assurance. Our initial development efforts included database-centric warehouse management systems, inventory control systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP).  

In the mid-2000s, Transformations began to research other industries that might benefit from similar technology solutions. This led Transformations to the initial development of the Uluro platform in 2006. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of the complex workflow organizations were struggling with, what stood out in our research was that most solutions used in the document production process were piecemealed together by way of multiple products and processes. This resulted in an inefficient, unreliable and non-secure workflow that caused unnecessary hassles, inconsistent quality, loss in productivity, additional costs and increased compliance risk. We recognized the value of bringing the concepts of lean manufacturing and automation learned from our manufacturing experience to the complex process of securing, creating, producing and delivering critical customer communications.

We determined that this multi-solution process could easily be integrated and automated into a single unified solution. 

Uluro’s suite of solutions incorporates all processes of the document production workflow into a single platform, allowing clients to realize several key benefits around operational efficiencies and quality assurance, while also providing modules that ensure compliance and provide new revenue channels, such as omnichannel delivery, online document management, electronic presentment and payment and securing/protecting confidential data. Uluro was released in late 2009, and is today recognized as one of the most comprehensive, cost-effective Windows-based document automation software for securely creating, producing and delivering critical customer communications. Our company’s impressive growth and various awards garnered over the past few years is proving that.

Having the ability to produce and send meaningful customer communications increases brand value, strengthens customer relationships and ensures your business stays competitive. Uluro is unique in that it provides a front-to-finish CCM platform that offers one of the most advanced, secure processing and delivery platforms in the industry.  We are committed to our product mission to design innovative, efficient CCM solutions that deliver a significant competitive advantage by making it possible to streamline workflow processes, generate revenue with new services and elevate the customer experience.


Transformations’ continued innovation is driven by our core values and ongoing commitment to create awesome products that benefit our customers by delivering a significant competitive advantage.

Core Values:

  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Build open and honest relationships
  • Contribute to a positive culture and team environment

Brand Promises:

  • The most secure communication delivery solution on the market
  • The most comprehensive CCM Platform on the market (Providing the true Front-to-Finish Communications Platform)
  • Provide a significant Competitive Advantage to our customers in their respective markets
  • Remain the most Innovative company in the CCM space
  • Enabling customers to grow their businesses and become more profitable

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